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What I'm about.

"I need a logo for my business, know anyone good?" - I can't draw for sh*t

"I need someone who can write 'funny', not just spell the word, but actually make me laugh when I read it." - My brain hurts

Welcome to Justintertainment.com.

Looking to inject some humour (or botox) into your blog? Need fresh stand-up material for your clothes rack? Want your business to stand out from the crowd (and not because of B.O.)? Or looking to stamp your brand with some sizzle? Then, I'm here for you.

So, what exactly do I do?

I design cool logos.
I write funny sh*t.


Take a look round. If you think I can help you, give me a call...
(although, email's probably easier).

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Where else you can find me.


My Daddy Blog

A first time Dad's Adventures in Fatherhood at the ripe old
"middle-age" of 40 and beyond.

This Just In

My Comedy Website

My comedy website.

You Tube

My YouTube Channel

JUSTIN time for dinner. Comedy that's out of my mind and into your browser.



Get write to the funny!


Comedy: A Serious Business

With nearly two decades of experience writing comedy in the following areas;

  • Standup Comedy
  • Speeches
  • Captions
  • Blog Pieces
  • Articles
  • eBooks
  • Sketch Comedy
  • Feature Films

My Style

Is cheeky, heartfelt and almost always based in truth (almost). With a good ear for comedy and a bad knee for cycling, I'm able to slip into whatever style your comedy requires.


Do you balk at writing speeches?
Break into sweat when you run out of material?
Do you agonize over writing yet, another article?
Or have producers breathing down your neck?

Man, you've got troubles...


I'm here to help punch it up, flesh it out, turn it upside down, pull it apart, roll it around, fix it up, add to it, narrow it down, basically, do whatever it takes to find the funny.

Or have a cuppa tea and a quick lie down.

By all means, peruse my samples and wander through the inner workings of my mind and if I can be of assistance to you...drop me a line.


Try the Veal...

A small selection from my sample tray;

Having sex during pregnancy is a lot like phone sex. There's lots of heavy breathing, you have to do most of the work yourself and you can't always "see" the person you're having sex with.

My intern knows nothing about filing. She thinks miscellaneous was last year's runner up to Miss Universe.

I can't trust anyone. I've been cheated on my whole life. Even my reflection is seeing someone else.

My grandpa has no idea about fashion. He thinks Dolce & Gabbana are pizza toppings.

Marriage and Relationships

I thought when you got married, guys would stop hitting on your wife, but they don't. It's like, "Well, hey there beautiful. If your man ain't doin' it for ya, why don't you give me a call and I'll show you what a real man can do." And you're like, "I'm sure she's flattered by the offer, but could you just finish pronouncing us, Man and Wife? That'd be great, thanks Father."

You know you're losing your sex appeal when your wife suggests a sexy weekend away...from each other.

You know you're ready to be a father when instead of being turned-on by girls in school uniforms, you worry about how much those uniforms are going to cost.

Random Thoughts

My cousin is so dumb, he thinks a screwdriver is the guy who drives prostitutes around.

Nowdays, Smartphone users download apps to make their lives easier. You don't need an app to make your life less hectic. You just need a trash can. Bye-bye phone!

I love to see the expressions on people's faces when I suddenly pop up to clean their windshield. The look of horror on the pilot's face.


Wallet: Something used to attract a woman in the absence of pheromones.

Elephant: Someone you borrowed money from and never ever let's you forget it!

Cactus: Whoopee cushions for sadists.



Short Films

THE MIRROR - Supernatural:
A WW2 Veteran discovers his younger self in the mirror.
A young priest struggles to get to the church on time.
An attempted burglary is foiled in an unsuspecting way.



LUNA THE MOON FISH: Children's Animated Pilot
GETTING BY: Sitcom pilot
THE WACK SHOW: Sketch Comedy Pilot (Produced)


Feature Films

PUT-UP - Comedy
EARTH 2.0 - Supernatural Action Adventure



YOWIE - Supernatural Thriller Suspense Podcast Mini-Series (Produced)



Logo Designs

Need a logo for your website, club, company, product or business?
Looking for that perfect "pop" to make your brand sizzle?
Let me help creatively cook you up a logo that's good enough to eat.
Scroll through some examples of past clients and designs.

  • Yowie Podcast
  • 40YrOldDad
  • Chill Out
  • Mammoth Labs
  • Tacklenappy
  • This Just In
  • Everyman
  • Aussie Daddy Bloggers
  • Camden Valley Australian White
  • Your Charity

Book & Poster Designs

Need a poster design for your upcoming event?
Or a book cover for your latest eBook?
Mailouts, flyers, business cards...I've got you covered.
Here are some examples of past clients and designs.

  • What Came First?: eBook Cover
  • Tacklenappy: Business Card
  • DATM: Theatrical Poster
  • Mammoth Labs: Business Card Mockup
  • Mammoth Labs: Business Card
  • CC Chunk-O-Cheese: Package Mockup
  • Tacklenappy: Badge
  • Fork Out of F*#k Off: Book Cover
  • Charicature


  • Justintertainment Trailer
  • STEFAAN - Headjobs to the stars
  • Standup Comedy Highlights

A few quick videos showcasing my standup and character work. Please enjoy...

Get in Touch

For additional information about me and my services, please contact me at:

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